Old Doğanbey Village

Old Doğanbey Village

Old Doğanbey Village

Old Doğanbey Village Old Doğanbey Village, where Rums used to live until 1924, dates back to the 7th century BC. It spreads on the south slope of the Samsun Mountains. It is the last settlement in the region ahead of the historical city Priene, within Söke district in Aydın province and the road of Güllübahçe. Old Doğanbey Village is worthseeing with its Doğanbey houses, having characteristics of Rum Architecture and skilful stone work , spotted from the very first, shops, a chapel, hospital, narrow stone roads, a waterfall, named as Şorlak on the slope of the mountain where it spreads, river, flowing through and having been named as fountain by Rums . Rums went to their country as a result of the population exchange in 1924. Turks having lived within the Balkans settled here.The village was completely evacuated in 1985 because it is not suitable for their life styles. The village houses, which has been unoccupied since then, and the old buildings of customs in Karin were restored by the new owners , appreciating their beauty. As a result, they have regained their old splendor. If you visit Doğanbey, you should call round in Karina. Thus, you can enjoy the fish, caught nearby, along the road and in Karina. The structure having been built as a hospital in the 1890s is used as a visitors’ information center of Dilek Peninsula – Büyük Menderes Delta National Park

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