Akköy Have holiday in Didim or see around Miletos and the temple of Apollo, you will travel through Akköy, having the most beautiful specimens of civil architecture with its houses with whitewashed facade ,reminds you of being in the Aegean Region. Akköy, where Rums and Turks used to live together, makes a living from fishing and agriculture through generations. Because the north lagoon of the Büyük Menderes River, within Akköy, hosts birds of passages, Akköy is a very rich area for birdwatcher beside the Büyük Menderes River and Bafa lake. The places ,serving village brekfast, are on the increase these days in Akbük.They offer a blend of local tastes. When you visit Didim, we advise you to have breakfast in Akköy. Fruits, vegetables, olive, olive oil and jam are sold in these places and along the road.

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