MILETUS MUSEUM Miletus Museum is in the Ancient City of Miletus. This museum, which was first opened in 1973, has reopened in the May of 2011 with its new building. Exhibitions of Miletus Museum consist of two main parts as open and closed area exhibitions. In the open exhibition, there are lion statues, which are the city symbol of Miletus, epigraphs, funerary steles, sarcophaguses, architectural elements and capitals. Closed exhibition area is inside the administrative building of the museum. The finds of Ancient City of Miletus, Priene and Temple of Apollo in Didim are exhibited in approximately 600 m2 area. Finds of the Ancient City of Miletus include; a kitchen from Minos Period (20-15th century BC), other finds of Minos Period, Zeytintepe Archaic Aphrodite Sacred Area finds and Gacartepe Tomb finds. The finds of the Sacred Road between the Ancient City of Miletus and Temple of Apollo in Didim, and the altar objects from the Temple of Apollo are displayed in the exhibition hall. The finds from the Anatolia’s Pompeii, Ancient City of Priene, and from the luxurious houses are in the Priene section. Coins from various periods, decorative objects, glass scent bottles, bronze objects and figurines, terra-cotta objects and figurines, and the finds from İlyas Bey Camii of Menteşeoğulları Beyliği are exhibited in the indoor displays. Also, the funerary steles from Archaic Age and the incomplete sculpture group are in the exhibition hall. Miletus Museum is an exemplary museum in respect of the technique, visuality and science. Resource: Aydın İl Kültür Turizm Müdürlüğü

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