BODRUM Bodrum is one of the most popular vacation spots of our country. With its whitewashed stone houses, it is a unique holiday destination. Bodrum is not a place for only resting. It is also known for its refreshments sector and entertainment places. Bodrum has a very rich history since it has been inhabited for almost 3000 years. The historian from Bodrum; Herodotus has written that the city was founded in the area where the castle is present today in 1000s BC by the Dorians. The brightest era of Halicarnassus was the 4th century BC. Under Maussollos’ directorship that lasted 24 years, this place was made the capital of Caria and the construction of the great Mausoleum, which is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the world, and only the foundation of which has reached the present day, was started. Since the old city is exactly under the current settlement, there are not many finds from it. The theatre on the hill next to the highway that passes through the north of Bodrum was also built in the Maussollos Period. The latest of the castles, which is considered as a landmark, was built by the Knights Hospitaliers, by courtesy of Mehmet I. The castle is now arranged as a museum. One and only underwater museum of our country is here. Bodrum is a place worth seeing, not only for its center, but also for its beautiful towns that surround the peninsula and the long-established Aegean culture that has affected every corner of the city. There are public transportation services provided from our district to Bodrum. The two firms in the bus terminal both provide passenger transportation. Unfortunately, the ferry services in previous years have been disrupted in the last years.

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