The Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo The ancient geographer Strabon recognised the Temple of Apollo in Didim as the biggest and most prominent temple in the world. The temple, earning reputation as one of the most significant prophecy center of the world, was surrounded by 124 colums erected in two ranges on a platform having ascending stairs from 4 sides. The temple was ravaged by the Persian Army attacking Miletos in 494 BC. Its reconstruction started after Alexander the Great saved the region from the Persian invasion. The magnificent temple, whose reconstruction continued until the middle of 2nd century, couldn’t be completed. The temple, having taken today’s shape after the reconstruction, measures approximately 109m x 51m. Sella Sacred Place ,located in the middle of the temple ,measures 53m x 21m. Sella Sacred Place , having been used only by priests and oracles then, hosts concerts and art organisations today. Hisar Neighbourhood, where the Temple of Apollo located, is the old settlement of Didim. Rums used to live in this village before the population exchange. There are old Rums’ houses, which are examples of civil architecture of the 19th century, in the village, whose old name was Yeronda/Yoran. Some of the houses are officially registered historical structures. Most of the houses are waiting for being restored.The structure opposite the temple was converted to a mosque from an Orthodox church and there is an old hospital used as store museum for the excavations today .These buildings are the most remarkable ones. In addition, Didim Municipality have restored a chapel recently. Our suggestion is to enjoy the sunset and spend your evening here beside seeing the temple. You can imagine the construction workers who built the temple or people who came here to sacrifice for Apollo and learn the prophecy from all over the world .

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