Fishing Trips

Fishing Trips

Fishing Trips Amateur angling is of a lot of people’s irreplaceable passion.Our district has an ideal topography for this passion. Didim is encircled by sea on three sides and has a lot of pastures.Hunters, noticing its beauty, are on increase and hunting is developing rapidly in our district. Apart from angling on the costline, boat trips are available for amateur anglers,wanting to fish at sea.These trips to open sea with guidance of expert anglers are demanded considerably these days. There isn’t an angler who doesn’t enjoy these adrenaline-filled angling trips,lasting from very early morning till sunset. Most of our crew of boats, liking their jobs, host even visitors coming from cities nearby.High level of participation in the first angling tournament in 2015 is the evidence of this interest. Following social media acounts and websites is enough to participate in the trips, starting from Altınkum Pier and Akbük Harbour.

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