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Didim Chamber of Commerce is the leading establishment that directs and contributes to the trade and economy of Didim.

Didim Chamber of Commerce has carried out many projects and events that contributed to the development of the district since it was founded in 1995. This project is a part of the strategy to become a Digital Chamber, which is the 2014-2017 vision of the Chamber of Commerce. In the direction of this main purpose, we are aiming to create solutions for the pending problems of our members and our district by using digital applications.

With the support of Southern Aegean Development Agency, this project was put into practice for integrating the coastal tourism with the alternative tourism options, removing the disadvantages of the all inclusive system and increasing the activity of the small hotels, by integrating innovative approaches with mobile solutions and by geographical positioning.

Since the Internet and the social media has reached a level of importance that cannot be denied, doing the promotion and information campaigns with information technologies and innovative methods via mobile technologies is a necessity. Within the scope of the project, our primary aim is to make reaching the correct information about Didim before the vacation easier, and to allow visitors of Didim to see more places. 

Tourists are more inclined to see different places that will meet their needs of resting, having fun and touring during the summer period. Now, everyone is using the social media on their smartphones and tablets, interacting with their social circles and using the social platforms for planning their vacations, travels and meals more and more. The use of navigation when travelling to known places is as common as using it for unknown destinations. In the light of these developments, the Promotion Website and the printed map are the main products of this project, which were created to provide factors for electing Didim among tourists and to make the time that they will spend in our district much more pleasing and valuable. 2-D barcodes on the map will allow tourists to access the information quickly. 

The promotion website that we are using currently, which is connected to social networks and compatible with Android and iOS devices, is locating the user via GPS, providing directions with alternatives and the information and photos of the destination. On the website, beaches, historical places, alternative activity options and such are categorized separately and the information about the transportation, facilities and properties are provided interactively. It provides audio guide service for important places. If you search for alternative options for your destination, it provides the nearest options as alternatives. 

We are grateful to the people who led the way and supported this project;
First the Board of the Didim Council and Chamber of Commerce and the Boards of the Southern Aegean Development Agency 
We thank the dear residents of Didim and the vacationers who helped us with the field study.

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