Find places to eat, drink, host, shop or visit.
Reach places, contacts and recommendations near you.


Hey, this is the perfect place!

Record any area you like to the list of favorite areas with the Didy Navigator "Motion Registration" feature.

Express opinion or view recommendations

People also use Didim Gezgini business network to find the best place according to recommendations of their friends and field staff. At this point, we use a series of algorithms in assessments made for pages, including the distance between the location where user sends his/her opinion and the location where the opinion is sent from.

What's nearby?

With the feature of geographical interaction among people and places; follow the places, persons and comments around you including campaigns...

More features for businesses...

Printable QR code that can be redirected to a specific domain name or to a page, color design, logo and slideshow modifiable web page ownership, web page oriented. The "DIRECT CONNECTION" feature for direct messaging, creating in-house working groups, location-based campaigns and much more ...


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