ONYX PROCESSING In the two ateliers right across the Temple of Apollo, you will see beautiful handmade knickknacks. These ateliers try to take a stand against the price competition with the souvenirs from the Far East, and they engrave the specific figures of the area and the historical artifacts around them. Besides the ones in our district, there is another atelier in Güllübahçe, where the Priene is located. You can find the products of these ateliers in almost every gift shop. The history of this art starts in Kırşehir, which is kilometers away. Actually, the masters of these three ateliers are from Kırşehir. The works that were led by Dr. Frizt BAADE, who is among the Germans that moved to Kırşehir during the World War II, continued by the stone atelier of the Industrial Vocational High School and survived until today. If you come by these ateliers, you can buy some stuff that will enrich your tables and display cabinets and that will remind you of this place.

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