Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake Bafa Lake, in the southeast of the Meander River delta, one of the richest area of Turkey in terms of historical and natural beauty.Bafa Lake, within the boundaries of Milas and Didim district , used to be a part of the Aegean Sea in the past. After the sea passage was gradually closed by the alluvial mass brought by the Büyük Menderes River, It became landlocked. Because of being habitat of a wide range of species of birds, the lake is on the top of the the international important bird sanctuaries list. Bafa Lake is important because of being a wetland and natural park. It has ruins of ancient cities such as Herakleia and Latmos, monasteries and historical caves. Spending only one day is enough to view 9000-year-old cave pictures in Latmos , the frescos carved on caves in Yediler Monastry, Bafa Lake above, take a boat trip on the lake and swim in the clear water of the lake in the shade of the twin islands. You will take a short trip through the human history on this day. Maybe you will view the beauty, you have never seen before, regretfully. You can get help from tourism agencies in order to appreciate your time and not to miss anything. You can see around with a native of Kapıkırı and Gölyaka villages in exchange for little money. If you would like to stay for longer time around Bafa Lake, examine the flora and fauna and do trekking, you can stay in cheap boutique hotels and taste delicious fish,caught from the lake.

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