Culin Cave

Culin Cave is natural beauty, which is probably viewed for the first time even by the people who were born or have lived here for a log time.

Culin Cave can attract everybody , bored with sea, fed up with hot weather , interested in hiking and looking for different activities. After a short climb next to Akbük Bozdoğanlar Site , enjoy the unique view of Akbük and see this nature of wonder.

We advise you to visit the cave in spring,which is known as Kuşini, Güvercin, Culin or Bardin among the locals.

You have to walk through the forest, the floor of which is stoney and rocky, for a while in order to reach the cave. If you go there especially in summer, you should be careful about reptiles. It is not possible to notice the cave without approaching it. A gap, approximately as big as two basketball courts, welcomes you. It is the mouth of thecave, 200-250m deep.If you don’t have special equipment and aren’t trained in caving, you souldn’t enter the cave. if it is opened to tourism, maybe it will be possible for you to visit the cave with better opportunities.Thus, you can have a chance to view mossy rocks within the cave and swallows closely, flying aesthetically,closely and feel natural coolness insidewithout being in danger.

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