The Sacred Way

It is known that the people could reach the Temple of Apollo, one of the biggest temple of the Hellenistic and Roman World,by sea walking through the cove consisting of the Panormos Harbour.

The way connecting the Panormos Harbour and the temple is surrounded by the statues of sphinxes, lions and sitting priestsand it was namedas the Sacred Way. The Sacred Way coming from Miletus heading to the northeast for 3.5 km after Panormos, the harbour of Dydma, and ends at the entrance of the temple . The stone covered way is approximately 17 km long. There are two structures named as ‘Anta and East’ at the temenos next to the way before Didyma. The sitting statuesdating back to the 6 century BC were found on the Sacred Way.


A hike is organised along the the Sacred Way, having connected Miletos and the Temple of Apollo thousands years ago, with the attendance of nature-lovers from the cities nearby on Sunday of the Week of the Tourism. The hike starting from Akköy, having the most beautiful examples of civil architecture of our country, is participated in by thousands of people hiking 13 km along the the Sacred Way towards the Temple of Apollo.

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