Built in the gulf where the Menderes River that blesses the lands around it since the first ages and Aegean Sea meets; the Miletus Ancient City has been one of the most important settlements in every era since the 3000s BC.

In 7th century BC, it was the trade capital of the world with its 4 harbors and more than 90 colonies. It lost its property of being a harbor due the alluviums deposited by the Büyük Menderes River that was named as “Meander River” by Herodotus. Miletus Ancient Ruins are a collection of artifacts that reveals the riches that it contained over the history and amazes the world. The most important artifact of Miletus is the Milesian School of Thought, founded by Thales, who was one of the seven philosophers of the ancient age. This school is the birthplace of modern ideas. The finds of the excavations in Miletus and Temple of Apollo are exhibited in Miletus Museum.

The first excavations in Miletos were started in 1899 by Th. Wiegandand continue duntil 1938 except duringthe First World War. The excavations, resume dafterthe Second World War, have been still carrie dout by the experts from the German Archaeologica lInstitute.

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