Cycling Routes

What one can think as a vehicle better than a bicycle in the beautiful climate of the Aegean. We can conjure up a lot of cycling routes.

Would you like to learn ‘How’? Take your beach towel and cycle to the beaches nearby. Do sports and don’t miss the beauty you meet along the route. If you want to try MTB as a long route, experience the dirt road, crossing the coast in the west, between Sağtur and Parliamentarians’ Site.

Didim for living and holidays also offer alternatives to pass two separate two separate routes. Half the land in half of these tracks is comprised of asphalt road.

The first route, starting from the town square parliamentarians site, the Grand Hotel by following the western coast of Anatolia, forty homes on site and from there to reach the Temple of Apollo. It expires at the town square where it started. Total distance 22.74 km

Our other route starting in the town square and the Temple of Apollo, Mavişehir, Denizkoy reaches back over a portion of the Sacred Road in Sulubatak position. Denizkoy from the combined asphalt road Reverting to Didim Akbük Didim way out. Total distance 29.53 km

didim cycle route

Once you swelter, dive into the sea.Then, resume where you have left. We offer cyclers, coming from far, the routes below where they can see the most beatiful parts of our district.

Cycling Routes

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